Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rule of Thirds

We continued focusing on a corner of the imaginary grid we visualize while taking the photo. I chose to make this series a very literal representation of the "rule of thirds" technique. I found objects that were not surrounded by much, but stood out and could directly show the part of the grid that I chose. 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Rule of Thirds

For this assignment we researched the "rule of thirds" method and tried to use it to help us position our frames. Before taking the picture we divided what we saw through our lens into three parts. (imagine a tic-tac-toe looking grid running through what you see) In order for us to come out with a good composition, we had to place the main object of the photo into one corner of the intersecting lines on the imaginary grid. With moving objects or objects that were long, we learned that you have to make sure it has room to "move" within the photograph. There has to be room to elongate the path of the object.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

high school

Our last part of the Blast From the Past assignment captures the most current section of our high school years. This is a time where our hobbies and interests are at their strongest and we are getting to become for familiar with ourselves. I captured the strongest factors in my life and portrayed it  in this group of pictures. Working hard, becoming an aunt, reconnecting with my brother after 7 years, choosing the right path/making the right decision,  keeping up through busy schedules, and really valuing sleep.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pre-teen/middle school years

As we continued out Blast from the past assignment, we moved on to the most awkward time, our middle school years. Middle school and pre-teen years were the weirdest because you're getting older as well as figuring out who you are. Your interests develop and your taste and judgements are becoming more defined and specific. We looked for ways to represent this part of our youth and incorporate our strong interests within. 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Childhood Continuing (elementary)

This project was the next step in our childhood, where we were still pretty young but getting to have more talents and getting into pop culture. This time was about being outdoors and being introduced to celebrities and their music. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Blast from the Past-Early Childhood

Our assignment was to think back into our childhood and portray our strongest memories. As we researched different memories, each one would lead to a new one. The more time I spent looking for ways to portray everything, the more I remembered. We cropped and captured pictures to create more of a personal view on the subject.



Stephanie is a very unique photographer who always starts her project with some kind of inspiration. She always comes up with a way to alter the project making it especially her own. She goes out of her way to tackle the assignments once she comes up with another extreme idea to try. She always has a variety and she really knows how to put a series together and make all of her photos flow. Stephanie is never the first person to post her photographs up because she really takes her time editing and accheiving the picture she had envisioned.   


Carly is a photographer who comes up with a mission and is able to tackle it right away. She always has what she wants to do in mind before starting. She is really good at creating grid photography and figured out how to  create flow and balance quickly. She works well with abstract photographs and tells great stories within them. 


Keely is really good at focusing on specific patterns, objects, textures, and life and portraying them in a clear, sharp manner. She has fun with the projects assigned to her and always ends up with a great final series. She experiments well and uses all different techniques to come up with unique drafts.

Sasha is a very good photographer who always has a strong variety of photographs. She works hard to make each one stand out, and they always do. She has a way of making each picture special and bold without ever overdoing a certain aspect of it. She can pick one subject (like her bike series) and find all different ways to capture them and put a spotlight on each.

Minsoo is a very talented photographer who brings a lot of creativity and own style to the class. His final projects are always very sharp and well constructed. He takes every aspect of the picture into consideration while photographing and through the editing process he always enhances the right part of it only making it stand out even more. 

Reid has a very distinct style of photography. He seems to enjoy the editing process a lot, seeing as though each of his series projects have a specific enhanced effect. He captures angles well and always makes each set of photos work and appear well together.


Carlos has a very strong way of putting his picture together. The way he can make them contrast and be exposed in the right areas at the right levels  really makes his style unique. Most of his pictures show a heavy dark side, which creates a story for the viewer to interpret. His ideas are always specific and they help him create such rich series.


Maddie is a very creative photographer as well who always finds a story to incorporate into her work. She never rushes her work, but rather takes her time in the editing process to get the picture she previously envisioned when assigned the new project. I like how she always has variety in her series, and is able to capture so many different emotions and actions so well.

Welcome to photography! I cant wait to see your photographs and watch you develop as a photographer, creating your own style. You will have a good time in this class and learn a lot.